Suggestions for Adult Survivors of

  Incest and Sexual Abuse

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About the Author

The author is a psychotherapist in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona and has written a booklet of suggestions for survivors, and recorded relaxation and guided imagery CDs, and various other articles and publications for specific populations. For additional information, visit the publishing site.

As a master's level therapist with over 35 years of clinical experience, she specializes in treating adult and adolescent survivors of incest and sexual abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder, addictions, codependency, and recovery issues, executive and family interventions for addictions and other self-destructive problems, adolescent life cycle issues,  challenging adolescents and family systems, and family of origin issues.  Additional practice areas include anxiety, depression, couples' issues,  grief and loss, eating disorders, stress management, personal growth and coaching. Both male and female survivors are treated and the therapist welcomes clients of any sexual orientation.

She provides individual, couples', family, and group therapy, and also offers Seminars on various topics and facilitates occasional Weekend Intensive Workshops and Retreats for specific client populations including sexual abuse survivors. She offers adjunct Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to clients involved in therapy with her and occasionally to Weekend Intensive participants.  In addition to her professional qualifications, she is also highly committed to her own recovery and personal growth. 

As an author, and as a therapist and facilitator, she gently and appropriately blends together her personal experience and professional skill in a nurturing manner that allows others to safely heal and move forward in their lives.  The author divides her leisure time between the desert and the mountains and enjoys Spiritual pursuit, hiking, dancing, camping and trail riding with her horses, and playing with her dogs.

She also offers presentations and facilitates training workshops for other therapists on various topics, including working with incest/sexual abuse survivors, working with challenging oppositional and delinquent adolescents in outpatient settings, and utilizing equine assisted psychotherapy for trauma resolution.  She utilizes a down to earth yet professional style, in both her therapy practice and her training, that allows the participants to feel comfortable and relaxed.  As an author she maintains this same style in a manner that helps the readers/listeners to identify and challenge their own ineffective coping techniques while building new skills and strengthening the resources they already possess.


For additional information regarding the author's psychotherapy practice, including intensive weekend workshops & retreats, and specific information about symptoms and healing for survivors,  visit this link.




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